What’s your “Why?”

We believe in the economic empowerment of entrepreneurs, and that we can together positively change the world.

Our BHAG? (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

1 million branded companies


1 million entrepreneurs succeeding


1 million jobs added to the economy

Why Bergamot Brands?

A brand increases sales. We believe there’s a difference between a “web site” and a “branded web site”.
Small business owners don’t know where to go for branding or digital marketing. It’s either expensive, or on the opposite end, cheap with little to no real help.

Of course, you can figure it out, just like you can probably figure out how to change the oil of your car, or sew your own clothes . .but WHY?

Focus on your business.

Why us?

We have 30+ combined years in branding, website design and development, we’ve worked with Fortune 100 brands and now want to bring our agency know-how to the modern small business owner.

Why shouldn’t I hire a freelancer?

Hired help could end up being unskilled, unreliable and unresponsive.

We believe you need an entire team to get your brand & digital marketing.

Most freelancers usually have only one skill set. . .they understand the front-end (design) or the back-end (coding). So if you hire a freelancer, you’ll need to hire and manage more than one.

A freelancer doesn’t have all the skills required. . .You could hire a designer to make your site look pretty but then he/she may not know the latest coding / best practices.

Your programmer may know how to code, but have no idea about how to design, let alone create a brand!

What makes Bergamot Brands different?

Design automation
We’ve identified there’s an easier and faster way to get to a brand.
We’ve created 12 core brand archetypes.
You take a brand quiz to determine their archetype, and a certified U.S.-based designer takes that information and creates a custom brand for you!

Brand Squad
Our group of trained branding experts can synthesize your archetype data and translate that into a design that’s unique to you. Our devs then turn the brand into a reality.

Technology Platform
To speed up the work, we’ve created a platform that helps us dispatch work remotely.

Digital Marketing
Our product offering doesn’t end at launch; we will continue to provide our customers with package and add-on options for social media support, email newsletter templates, and digital ad campaigns, to drive traffic to the site and build traction post-launch.

Membership Model
To help manage projects, we use a sophisticated technology platform that dispatches work.

Your vision will be up and running in as little as 4 weeks (if we get all the content) from you at the start of the project. Your website will receive ongoing maintenance and updates as needed. As your company evolves, we plan to seamlessly evolve your brand and website along with you!

How does the process work?

You will be able to review and provide feedback during this process and in about 4 weeks your website is ready to launch.

What are the main differences between each package?

This includes hosting, a branded 1-page website (with up to 5 sections), up to 3 hours of updates per month., SEO enhancement (we add the SEO Yoast Tool to your web site).

Our Sleek Package offers our complete branding and website development service at an affordable price. This includes hosting, a branded 10-page website, and up to 5 hours of updates per month.. We also install a Search Engine Optimization) (SEO) tool to your web site.

Our Savvy Package offers our complete branding and website development service as well as additional web pages and updates. This includes a 20-page website, and up to 10 updates/mo. We also install a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool to your web site.

Is there an additional cost to build an ecommerce website?

An ecommerce is much more complex to build. Just contact us so we can provide a customized quote. Email us at: hello@orangeandbergamot.com

Ready When You Are